We came in Sept 1968 (except for the Officer Corps who came back in August)

We were spread between A,B,C,E, Band and Retan Rifles.

We had our share of issues and demerits, however, 104 of our class went on to graduate.

When we were not studying, we spent time in the PX playing board games such as Stratego, checking mail and listening to the jukebox.

We dreaded Buffing floors, spit-polishing shoes, and Saturday Inspections

We waited anxiously for Movie Nights.

We lived for Leave Slips. Many of us took the James River Bus to Richmond or Charlottesville before boarding another bus or train for home.

We would head to the ‘beach’ behind the old infirmary (now a track) to ‘cop some rays’.

We listened to our campus radio station WPET, usually on 1600 AM, which signed off with ‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys and followed by the National Anthem.

"People Got to Be Free"The RascalsThe Rascals
"Harper Valley PTA"Jeannie C. RileySept 21-Sept 27
"Hey Jude"The BeatlesSept 28-Nov 29
"Love Child"Diana Ross & the SupremesNov 30-Dec 13
"I Heard It Through the Grapevine"Marvin GayeDec 14-Jan31
"Crimson and Clover"Tommy James and the ShondellsFeb 1-Feb 14
"Everyday People"Sly & the Family StoneFeb 15-Mar 14
"Dizzy"Tommy RoeMar 14-Apr 11
"Aquarius/Let the Sunshine InThe 5th DimensionApr 12-Graduation!!!

It should be noted that as Graduation approached, the song “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” by the Animals became more popular in the PX.

Now it is time for you to post your memories here:

3 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. Many, many memories. I simply could not make it back to the reunion. But trying to stay more connected now. I know I owe so much of my adult life success to my 3 years at FUMA. On the lighter side, anyone remember the “tunnel rats” visit to the mess hall late one night?

  2. Many were my roommates including Wm Charles Tamborino who only lasted one year; Joe Opocensky who was our Class President; and Wayne Woods who unfortunately left this earthly world several years ago. But each of these roommates had a lasting impression on me and left me a much stronger young adult. Thanks to you all.

  3. Having spent 6th to 12th grades at FUMA, one of the most memorable things is coming back to FUMA. The sight of that smokestack in the distance brought the enjoyable time away to a rapid close.

    Current students have no idea how jarring that sight was.

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