Missing Classmates

For some reason, we’ve lost touch with the following classmates. If you’ve been in touch with any of them, please let us know, so we can reach out to them before our reunion.

Mr. Thomas Vincent Amante Private – A-Company
Mr. Jack Anderson Master Sergeant – Color Guard Commander
Mr. Kevin Barrowclough Second Lieutenant – E-Company
Mr. Bruce Beecham Master Sergeant – Retan Rifles / B-Company
Mr. Bruce Gordon Blanke Private – A-Company
Mr. John Michael Bolger Private – C-Company
Mr. Stevn Bounds Private – Band
Mr. Robert Withers Carter Private – E-Company
Mr. Erland C. Cline Master Sergeant – C-Company
Mr. David Phillip Critzer Private – C-Company
Mr. John Darconte Private – A-Company
Mr. Chevles C. Engel Private – A-Company
Mr. Bruce Geltzeiler Private – B-Company
Mr. Gregory Godfrey Private – C-Company
Mr. Mark H. Hilton First Lieutenant – Battalion Staff Headwaiter
Mr. Daniel Keith Jackson Private – B-Company
Mr. Randall Jackson Master Sergeant – A-Company
Mr. Brian Jantzen Sergeant First Class – C-Company
Mr. John Edward Johnson Private – C-Company
Mr. William Law Second Lieutenant – C-Company
Mr. Kristofer Linde Private – A-Company
Mr. Donald Lutken Captain – C-Company Commander
Mr. Alfredo Moreno Private – A-Company
Mr. Gregory Warren Nicely Private – C-Company
Mr. Gustavo Perez Second Lieutenant – C-Company
Mr. Donald Eugene Ratliff Private – B-Company
Mr. David William Reese Corporal – A-Company
Mr. Frank Huff Ridinger First Lieutenant – A-Company
Mr. Authur Miller Saunders Private – B-Company
Mr. George Schwartz Private – A-Company
Mr, Daniel J Stapleton First Sergeant – C-Company
Mr. Neal G. Thomas Sergeant First Class – E-Company
Mr. William D. Turner Private – C-Company
Mr. Robert Tuthill, Jr. Private – C-Company
Mr. Douglas Anthony Wakefield Sergeant First Class – C-Company
Mr. Charles William Wales Private – C-Company
Mr. Chester Earl Wood, III Private – A-Company
Mr. John Morgan Woodacre Master Sergeant – E-Company
Mr. Bernardo F. Zamora Private – B-Company