Mark Hilton

Hello everyone,

I am still here in Las Vegas.  I have been busy of late and will remain busy through the first week of June.  Sadly, I will not be able to be with you and share memories with my classmates.

That does not mean that I will not be thinking of you all … because I will be.  One of the things that I am sorry to be missing is catching up on everyone’s lives.  I had a couple of my classmates visit me in DC while I was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center after my return from Viet Nam.  For the most part, I have not been a part of the lives of my classmates and that is one of the regrets I bear for the life that I have chosen.

One thing that FUMA taught me is that I am a poor commander as I expected way too much from my people.  I was able to refine that lesson (s) as I went through the Army and early career in the government – I was much better as the “leader” of a very small group rather than a “commander” of the unit.  I have led an interesting life – not always fun or pleasant and I have had a boss or two that if I ever see them in the parking lot while I’m driving that I will serve to try and hit them …  but I can honestly say that I haven’t been bored.  After a miserably failed first try at marriage, I found a woman that will put up with me and who has made a “home” for me.  Both of my children seem to be happy and are on a track to what I see as successful lives.

A note of possible interest that I will pass along to my classmates who may remember me as the cadet who wrote “FUMA Joe” stories  is that after several magazine articles and monographs and a book on “High Altitude Air Surveillance Platforms” published in classified form, that I have recently finished a manuscript of a fictional story – an action-adventure story that I am shopping around to publishers.  Hopefully, things will go well for this effort.

I moved to Las Vegas three years ago and I live in the extreme upper Northwest part of the valley.  There are 12 houses between mine and protected wilderness.